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Live PA sets:
Live PA Space Haus Morning at New Island Festival on Governor's Island September 13, 2009.

Live PA Space Haus Evening at New Island Festival on Governor's Island September 13, 2009.

Live at The Cokxpon Budapest recorded at the Cokxpon Ambient Cafe Budapest Feb 21 2009.

Threads in the Dream Blanket recorded at 23 Windows Brooklyn September 27 2008.

DJ sets:
Masonic Bailout DJ and live Set Mix Zemi17 April 2009, 2:19:11 192k 183megs

ElektroMin DJ Zemi17 November 2008, 1:11:21 192k 98megs

Cruising the Motro Bleeper DJ Zemi17 October 2008, 1:06:21 192k 93megs

Khan Altay Sunset DJ Zemi17 July 2008, 1:55:17 128k 162megs

Valentine's Day Swing House at Galopagos DJ Zemi17 February 2008, 87:12 192k 98megs

La Lucia Sole DJ Zemi17 June 2007, 50:23 256kVB 66megs

Ambient Effected Saxophone Tracks:
Learning to Sway

Awakening Doldrum

Moving Away

Waiting for Love to Drown

Orkestra Jangkrik Tracks:
Masuk (for Ken Kuffner's journey) - nature, Belaganjur, gender wayan, kendang Bali 10.1mb

Rejeng Sanje Ungu Melody of the Purple Afternoon - Gamelan Slonding 8:06

Masikian - Gamelan Slonding 8.5mb

From the Older Archive 2001 - 2002:
Latoola - metal and water, Minimal Ambient Acoustic 2.7mb

NiƱos MPC, FX, Abura Computerdora, Trash Gamelan (from Mystic Science 2003) Happy Breaks and Insects 3.1mb

In the Solar Night MPC and Fx (23 windows 2001) Space Haus for sunrises, 10.3mb

Neurons in the Denizen of Phenom MPC, FX (Havoc 2000) Very Minimal Tribal Hard Tech

Farewell to Artifacts MPC, FX (from Catacomb Echolab 2002) Euphoric Clicks and Noise 7meg

The Mushroom Dance of Falling (with Dok from Amoeba)
MPC, FX (from Slowdance in Resonance 2002) Spacious and Ambient 9meg

Nothing Behind poem by Azoteas 524k (2001)

The Edges a sample from the playlists of Disney Nasa Borg's ipod sculptures; ambient, electronic, experimental 5min 128k

Birch Chest Marching, a composition for Erin Ellen Kelly's new dance work, ambient with a touch of Rock 15min 392k

Tong Solo Piano for Dance by Okty Budiati 42min 39meg 128k

Fragile Suling Ganbuh, Gong Gede, Thumb piano, wind, bells; for Dance by Okty Budiati 13min 128k

Psuedo Field recordings, Piano, Sampler, Rebab; for Dance by Okty Budiati 17min 16meg 128k

Wedd, wedding song for Angie Hart, found percussion New Orleans December 2002

Masuk, funeral dedication for Ken Kuffner Sr. Gamelan Gong Gede, Gender Wayang and Gambuh Flutes January 2006

Rejeng Sanje Ungu (melody of the Purple Late Afternoon) for Eunice and Gubuk Damai June - August 2006

From Between the Shadows, a dance theater piece:
All tracks performed and composed with Kelvin Daly
Theme for a Creepy Person
Weapons Interlude (Dark Happy)
Hitting Swimming and Mocking
Kalidascope Chair
Weapons Interlude 2 (Bombs)
Weapons Interlude 3 (Discordia)
White Hands
Meshaft (I don"t know)