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The Orkestra Jangkrik dan Gamelan Listrik Aneh Volume 1, 2005

This album was made from a live recording at the Rumah Budaya Tembi December 23, 2005. 11 compositions featuring the sounds of Gamelan Jawa and Gamelan Sekaten from Yogyakarta, Gamelan Belaganjur, Gong Gede and Genggong from Bali, Kalimbung ensemble from the Batak region in Sumatra, and Sapaq from Kalimantan; performed with field recordings from Mentawai, Sumatra, Java, Bali, Flores, Sumba, Sawu, and Roti Islands. The sounds of the instruments and field recordings were compiled into a sampler and then were sequenced together into interlocking layers, similar to the theoretical process inherent in Gamelan and shared by modern electronic music. The scores were pre-composed in pieces and then performed as a live arrangement with sampler and effects. The majority of the scores were also written in an Indonesian cipher notation (Sistem Notasi Nusantara).