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Zemi17 has been playing live PA sets since 1998. He began with hardware only set ups featuring an MPC2000, effect units and Moog gadgets. At a party in Bushwick's 23 Windows underground club in the winter of 2001-2002 friend Rich Panciera (aka LLoop) gave him a copy of Ableton Live he was gifted while touring Austria and Germany. In 2002 and 3 he experimented with performing with Ableton, Reactor and Reason while temporarily based in Berlin aligning with the sound that would become "Minimal Techno". He then went on a 3-year hiatus without electronics while studying Indonesian Gamelan in Bali and Java. Upon return to New York Zemi17 rebuilt his liveset within Ableton performing with a variety of controller, live instruments. In recent iterations he has also built and arranged custom multipoint sound systems to accommodate live sets he writes for 4.2 and 8.4 channel surround sound.