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In the late 90's Zemi17, with a few friends he was organizing event with, started to build a sound system to defray costs of renting. Over the next decade with Dok Gregory of Amoeba Technology they acquired, augmented and built a 17kw sound system used primarily for warehouse parties. The 2 used the sound system to create an immersive audio environments with multiple stacks surrounding the audience.

Zemi17 began taking his sets a step further writing patches to allow discreet control of each stack. He creates quantized automation that allow for panning over several speakers points. He takes either different melodic lines within a live set and assigns them their unique "travel" pattern across the sound sound system or he will assign different audio frequency band to move in different directions and/or speeds. In 2011 he teamed with event producer Kevin Balktick to create Auditorium, a music series for lovers of ambient music presented in 8.4 surround sound. Due to the nature of the performances there are no live recordings of Zemi17's multichannel sets that do justice to the experience.