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Zemi17's music is highly adaptable. It relies on intentions and context to juristic its form. The music transcend traditional genres pulling inspiration from Techno, Ambient soundscapes, Electro-acoustic Music, Sound Art, Indonesian Gamelan and many other sources. Inspiration is often sourced from observing coincidencidental compositions found in the animal kingdom and within urban white noise.

Zemi17's music often incorporates sample-based material. For 2 decades he has compiled a sound archive of recordings from down the street to around the world. He often captures bytes of audio with binaural microphones like a vacationer does photographs. The bytes are refined into building block samples that are manipulated and syncopated. Sample sources range from a diverse collection of cicadas, insect, bird and animal calls to idling engines, shutting doors, objects in transit, and micro cuts of various found noises. Instrumentation also varies widely from composition to composition, album to album, with a pallet including percussion sets made from household objects, tenor and alto saxophone with custom effect processing patches, Akai ewi 4000 breath midi controller, ancient hanging gongs and xylophones, bamboo flutes, small stringed instruments from Sulawesi, the Ukraine, or the Philippians, as well as custom made metal assemblages.

The product of all these forms, methods and instrumentations often is a set of disembodied parts woven together into seamless lush undulating compositions often sprinkled with surprise indefinable ingredients. Some pieces are tossed like salads as shapes maintain their uniqueness in contrast to their counter points, while others pieces become alchemic soups of sound melding diverse elements into unified movements.